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Fire Chief
Tom Gwyer, MS, EFO, CFO


Thank you for taking the time to visit our Website. 

We are extremely Proud of the Services

our 180 Fire Family Members provide to the

Citizens and Visitors of our Great City.  

We provide Fire Protection & Emergency Medical Services out of SIX Fire Stations strategically located

across our City to provide quick response

to your emergency.

Our average response time to calls

within our City is less than 5 minutes.

Though we offer the Traditional Fire Service Responses such as fire, alarm, medical and other emergencies,

we also take pride in our many other services. 

Our Fire Prevention Division,

with help from our firefighting crews,

provide Annual Inspections to every

Business in our City. 

We also provide fire extinguisher and

emergency plan assistance to our

Business Community.

Another important component of our

Community Risk Reduction Division is our

Public Education Program

allowing us the opportunity to provide

fire safety education to 

our schools, our citizens, and our visitors.

While in the area, should you need assistance or information please stop by a Fire House and our Firefighters will be happy to help you. 

Please enjoy your stay in Myrtle Beach and STAY SAFE

The Myrtle Beach Fire Department is an ELITE team. 

We are ACCOUNTABLE, RESPECTFUL and proud to honor this NOBLE profession with INTEGRITY and TRUST

This allows us the privilege of providing outstanding customer service to all.


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