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Emergency Medical Services Account for more than 50% of all Calls Received by the

Myrtle Beach Fire Department. 

Myrtle Beach Fire Personnel are Required to Obtain and Maintain a Minimum

Medical Qualification as an Emergency Medical Technician. 

EMT's are Expected to Perform Medical Interventions such as

Adult/Child/Infant CPR, Oxygen Administration, Blood Glucose Checks,

Spinal Precautions, and Automatic External Defibrillation. 

Each Shift also has a Required Amount of Paramedics on Duty to Provide

Advanced Lifesaving Techniques including

Intraveneous Medication, Intubation, Cardiac Monitoring, Intraosseous Infusion,

Stroke Alerts, STEMI's, and Trauma Notifications. 

Our Paramedics are among the Most Highly Trained and Qualified in the State.


Two Advanced Life Support Ambulances are Provided

by the Myrtle Beach Fire Department with a Minimum Staffing of

one EMT and one Paramedic per unit. 

These Units have the Capabilities to Transport any Patient to the Area's only

Level 1 Trauma Center: Grand Strand Medical.

Each Ambulance is Equipped with an Automatic Stretcher, LifePack 15,

Jumpkit, and Onboard Radio Systems. 

Many Medical Calls Require a First Responder so it is not Uncommon to see a

Minimum of Four or more Medical Professionals on Scene. 

Motor Vehicle Accidents are One of the Leading Causes of Serious Injury and Death. 

To Combat this, Apparatus including Rescue 616, Rescue 637, and Rescue 667

are Equipped with the "Jaws of Life." 

Hydraulic Tools such as Cutters, Spreaders, and Dashboard Rams may be used to

Extricate Individuals from an Accident.

All Apparatus are Outfitted with Full Spinal Precaution Equipment in Order to

Safely and Effectively Remove Occupants from the Vehicle.

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