Ever since Rome Created the First Fire Brigade in 115 B.C. the term

"Firefighting" has Defined the Oldest and Most Noble of Professions. 

This Remains True to this day with

the Myrtle Beach Fire Department using some of the most

Advanced Fire Suppression Techniques in the Country.  

Well-Trained and Well-Equipped Personnel are able to make

Strategically Aggressive Fire Attacks that Greatly Enhance the Safey of Both

the Community and Our Firefighters.

There are Currently Six Engine Companies each Equipped with a

2000 Gallon Per Minute Pump to Provide Maximum Protection

to areas of Fire Involvement. 

Engine Companies are readily able to deploy over 2,000 feet of Hose

from each Apparatus in a Matter of Moments. 

Ladder Trucks are Strategically Located across the City

Ranging in Size and Manueverability. 

Truck 654 and Truck 644 are all Straight Sticks with

both Straight and Fog Nozzles located at the Tips of the Ladders. 

Truck 664 is a Platform Ladder Truck reaching a Maximum Height of 107' feet in the Air. 

All Ladder Trucks have the Capability of Performing

High Rise Rescues, Access, Ventilation, and Extinguishment.
















Our Rescue Units are Outfitted with the most

Advanced Search & Rescue Equipment Availabe. 

Tools include Thermal Imaging Cameras, Large Area Search Bags,

Survivair Tracking System, and Rapid Intervention Capabilities. 

Personnel are Trained under Tremendously Stressful Situtations in order to

Operate in High Heat/Low Visibility Conditions to Ensure Civilians and Firefighters

can be found when the situation presents itself. 

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trailer fire